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The Steward Committee is responsible for carrying out an effective year-round financial program.  The committee’s program attempts to recognize the following six elements that identify a financially healthy congregation.


  1. All giving, of ourselves and our financial resources, is in response to God’s goodness and generosity.
  2. Discuss money in the context of worship.
  3. Understand that the offering is an integral part of worship. We present ourselves as an offering through our financial gifts.
  4. Talk money openly and candidly in all aspects of church life. Our use of money is an indication of our values and priorities.
  5. Engage in missions beyond our doors and interpret these missions (both local and worldwide) through planned year-round giving.
  6. Develop long-range plans for programs and budget for the financial needs of these plans.


Functions related to Eastminster’s stewardship program are the following:

-Motivate and inform members through the use of news articles, brochures, speakers, displays and bulletins.

-Develop and publish a Narrative Budget which summarizes the major expenses of Eastminster’s annual budget.

-Run a five week Stewardship Campaign with the goal of challenging members to increase their giving. Emphasis is placed on developing a meaningful relationship between a believer’s finances and their faith in God.

-With the Pastor, plan and conduct Stewardship Sunday, which is a worship service dedicated to stewardship.

-Conduct the annual congregational commitment program. Mail an information packet with commitment card to each member so that it is received the week after Stewardship Sunday.

-Confirm, celebrate and appreciate each member’s commitment with a hand written thank you note.

If you are interested in helping with this committee contact the Stewardship Elder or the church office.