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The Worship Committee is responsible for planning and oversight of worship opportunities for the congregation/community.


In coordination with the Pastor and related staff, the Worship Committee develops a yearly schedule of worship that includes the regular weekly services, Holy Week and Easter services, Advent, Christmas and Christmas Eve services, monthly and special Communion services and Summer Outdoor Services. This committee also coordinates with the Pastor and Director of Music the schedule for choir and special music presentations.


Functions related to Eastminster’s worship for which this committee is responsible are the following:


-Communion- preparation and serving of elements to congregation and home-bound

-Ushering-training and scheduling of ushers for regular and special services

-Decorations – Flowers, special supplies, materials and equipment for services

-Audio/Visual Recording Services-use and maintenance of all equipment and the publication of services

-Summer Outdoor Services-setting up and arranging for ushers

-Receptions-provide receptions as appropriate in consultation with Session committees and Board of Deacons.


If you are interested in helping with this committee contact the Worship Elder or the church office.