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Personnel and Administration

The Personnel and Administration Committee is the “human resources department” of Eastminster.  The responsibilities of this committee include the following:

Creates and maintains the Eastminster Staff Handbook, the Eastminster Policies and Procedures Manual, staff job descriptions and staff employment agreements.

Be aware of changing labor laws and adjust staff policies, procedures, job descriptions and agreements in order to maintain legal compliance.

Be cognizant of salary/wage scales for equivalent staff positions at other churches so the Eastminster can provide fair and competitive compensation to staff members.

Review staff agreements annually with each staff member and affiliated Elder to determine if any changes should be recommended to the Session.


The Moderator of the Administration and Personnel Committee will also be responsible for the following tasks if needed:

Arbitrate conflicts between staff members or staff and committee/church members.

Arrange a meeting with each staff member and the Administration and Personnel Committee to review member’s annual written review and to discuss any changes to compensation and agreement.

Submit a written report to the Session concerning any recommended changes to each staff member’s employment package.

Maintain and control access to staff members’ personnel records.

If you are interested in helping with this committee, contact the Personnel and Administration Elder or the church office.